How It Works?

The TuneUp360 gives you a quick overview of issues that need attention or where there is potential for optimization. It indicates all problems it detects and whether your computer settings are optimal.
A quick check on your PC's Windows operating system uncovers specific information that will help you understand the problems with your system and what needs to be repaired. The check detects problems that your PC is having, even those that aren’t obvious.
At the end of the check, a summary will show you and tell you about your PC's performance, security and stability levels .
During the fixing process, a progress bar shows how far the TuneUp360 has come in solving the errors.
The program goes through the errors one by one, ,please wait until the process is completed.
Once the fix module is finished, a message will be displayed and reminder you restart your PC to make the changes take effect.


How to uninstall Tuneup360(Windows)

Go to Start > All Programs > Tuneup360 > Uninstall Tuneup360

Attention please: Before you uninstall, you need to exit this software